We had just moved into a new home and there was enough water running down the windows that we had to mop it up each morning. A Plusaire was installed and the problem disappeared within 24 hours. I recommend that everyone install one in their home.

Mr. Gerald Fowlie, Barrie Ontario

Our house is well sealed and we felt that we needed some ventilation air. A Plusaire was the best value for our money and the easiest to install. The change in the air was felt immediately. The temperature was the same but the air felt different. It feels fresh.

Mr. George Melville, Stoney Creek Ontario

We have a five your old home that we built ourselves and we felt that the indoor air quality could be better. We had condensation on the windows and the wood stove would spill smoke into the room. We definitely needed some sort of ventilation. I researched the available products and found that the simplest solution was a Plusaire. I purchased a Plusaire, installed it myself and was very pleased with the instant result. The air felt fresh and the condensation that has always been a problem went.

Mr. Mike Peppard, Arkell Ontario

We live in a semi-detached house and the people next door smoke. In our basement there was a constant smell of cigarette smoke. The smoke was seeping through the adjoining wall and there was nothing we could do to stop it. We had a Plusaire installed and the smell was instantly gone.

Mr. Ed Croucher, Brantford Ontario

The Plusaire we had installed in our home in Blackheath, Ontario did such a fine job for us that as soon as we purchased a home in Vancouver we had another Plusaire installed.

Mr. Phil Stokes, Vancouver BC

We heat with a wood/oil combination furnace but the house is so tight that we can sometimes smell creosote and wood smoke. We needed a ventilator to bring in some fresh air not only for the home but also for the furnace. A Plusaire was suggested so I installed a BME2. The change is truly amazing, I never knew how bad the air was until now.

Mr. Larry Duke, New Liskeard Ontario

We had a Plusaire installed in our home in Hamilton to correct a smokey fireplace and it worked so well that as soon as our new house was built in Vineland the first thing I had installed was another Plusaire.

Mr. Doug Kellough, Vineland Ontario

We have lived in the family farmhouse all of our lives. The basement under one section of the home is a crawl space with an earth floor. We were concerned about the air quality within the home and had a Plusaire UV installed. Withing one week the air quality greatly improved and the musty odour is totally gone.

Mr. Doug Albin, Paris Ontario