Technical Data

Air Flow for a Healthy Home

Experts in the home comfort field have stated that to achieve a healthy atmosphere within the home there should be a complete air change every 3-4 hours.

If a house is 1500 sq. ft. and the ceilings are 8.5ft. then it will have 12,750 cu. ft. of volume. To achieve the recommended comfort level the air must be replaced at a rate of 4207 cu. ft. per hour or 70.13 cu. ft. per minute. Use this formula to calculate your own house requirements:

.33 (sq. Footage of house x 8.5) 60

This gives the rate of air change at one every three hours. For one every four hours change the .33 to .25.

Experts state that a bathroom fan of the required capacity (70 ft./min) running continuously will accomplish the ventilation requirements. No mention is made however as to where the air is coming from. Obviously air must be introduced into a house so that house air can be exhausted, otherwise depressurization will take place. For every cubic foot of air that leaves a house, a cubic foot is required to replace it. A device able to introduce warmed fresh air at the rate of which your house is using it and be able to add combustion air at a place and time when it is needed is therefore essential.

Air Flow Data

The volume of air entering the building from the outside through different sized Plusaire’s is shown below. This volume is dependent upon several factors.

  1. The furnace fan speed.
  2. The size of the house.
  3. The ability of the air entering the house to exit without undue friction.
  4. The total amount of air that can be exhausted from the house.

The following values are from measurements taken using the same fan speed in the same building and can be assumed to be the maximum amount of outside air entering the building through a Plusaire system

    • BME-1A Air entry volume….. 356.9 cubic feet per minute
    • BME-2A Air entry volume….. 427.3 cubic feet per minute
    • BME-3A Air entry volume….. 550.1 cubic feet per minute
    • BME-4A Air entry volume….. 721.8 cubic feet per minute
    • BME-5A Air entry volume….. 1316.0 cubic feet per minute
    • BME-6A Air entry volume….. 1708.0 cubic feet per minute