Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Sick homeToday’s homes are built to very exacting standards and are finished off better than ever before. Factory made windows and doors, flooring, paints, and insulations are just a few of the improvements that are now available to the modern builder or house renovator.

However, owing to the fine quality construction, homes are tighter than ever before and moisture from washing, cooking and showering cannot escape but evaporates and shows up as condensation on the windows or worse yet as mould.

Condensation will rot windowsills and walls, and if not dealt with within 48 hours will form into mould. Moulds produce airborne toxins called mycotoxins that cause breathing difficulties, flu-like symptoms, memory loss, poor sleeping, and respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Owing to the home being tight, the occupants are living in a soup of polluted air, which is gradually getting staler and more polluted making the occupants sicker and sicker. Seniors and pre-schoolers are especially vulnerable due to their being in the home for longer periods of time.


Plusaire Range of House Ventilators

Plusaire is designed to correct the air quality in a home that is heated by any style of hot air furnace. The air quality will change immediately, and the occupants will quickly feel the improvement.

Plusaire creates a pleasant, healthy environment by replacing polluted indoor air with tempered fresh air.

Plusaire adds both combustion and ventilation air, eliminating appliance air starvation and fireplace back drafting.

Plusaire is silent, maintenance free, and automatically compensates for negative air pressure.