Plusaire + Ultraviolet Systems

Kill pollens, viruses, mould spores, dust mites, and neutralize most chemical and biological odours

The UV system is a separate unit that mounts in the ductwork and cleans up the house air with 99.97% effective kill of pollens, viruses, mould spores, dust mites and will neutralize most chemical and biological odours.

Infectious diseases such as flu, measles, chicken pox, and tuberculosis are caused by bacteria and viruses and may be spread indoors. Crowded conditions and warm, moist air can promote this spread. A high humidity level will also cause mould and fungus to form, giving off mould spores that are circulated in the air current.

The Plusaire System will changes house air once every three to four hours, combined with an Ultraviolet system will be eradicated and leave the air 99.97% clean.

A Plusaire-UV system will also, constantly correct the air pressure and quality by supplying the right amount of outside air to ventilate the home, adding the extra oxygen that the occupant’s and appliances need for breathing. Houses need air to breathe and this is accomplished by a Plusaire in the most cost effective manner.