Q: I have a Heat Recovery Ventilator, do I still need a Plusaire?

A: Definitely yes. A Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) works by bringing in as much air as it blows out, it is what is called a balanced system. Without this balance, the HRV would not work. Unfortunately, houses also exhaust air with fans, clothes dryers, central vacuums, etc. so the house is exhausting more air than it takes in. For every cubic foot of air that leaves a structure, a cubic foot of air is required to replace it. Since the HRV is a balanced system, it will not add the extra air that is needed. A Plusaire is designed to bring in the warmed air at a rate equal to or greater than the rate at which the house is using it.

Q: I have a new house that is tight, what is the benefit of a Plusaire?

A: A tight house costs less to heat than one that has more leaks but the air within the house is more likely to be stale and condensation is likely to be more of a problem. Excessive condensation can lead to mould and mildew building up in corners and areas that do not have regular air flow. Plusaire brings in fresh air at the rate your house is expelling it.

Q: I have an older house with leaky windows, do I need a Plusaire?

A: Yes. Your house is leaking air inwards which means that the house is leaking air out of upper floor windows and is combusting it in the furnace or heating appliance. By adding a Plusaire, you will be bringing in the required amount of air under controlled conditions, eliminating some if not all of the drafts. Sealing up the areas where the air is leaking out will also be an advantage and save on the heating bill.

Q: I have an old house and have been renovating, windows, doors, insulation, etc. Should I be concerned about air quality?

A: Yes, Anything that you do to tighten up your house without considering the need for adequate ventilation can invite disaster. By reducing the amount of air entering your house you could be starving your heating system of combustion air leading to the production of carbon monoxide. A correctly sized Plusaire will provide the combustion and ventilation air that will give correct comfort levels.

Q: I have condensation running down the windows, can Plusaire help?

A: Yes, the source of the water should be identified and corrected, but it could be as simple as not enough ventilation air within the house. As a test try opening a window 1″ on each level, if the condensation goes within 24 hours, you had a lack of ventilation air. A correctly sized Plusaire will add the ventilation air that you are lacking.

Q: What is the running cost of a Plusaire?

A: Difficult to say since every house is different, but a Plusaire will add about 3% to your heating bill. Unlike an HRV, Plusaire requires no hydro or maintenance.

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