Stop Condensation & Wet Windows

Plusaire is designed to correct problems caused by tight houses such as wet windows

Window with Condensation

Window condensation before Plusaire

A house that is experiencing window condensation has the potential of becoming a breeding ground for dangerous moulds. There are many thousands of moulds and none of them are desirable, and all of them are preventable. All that is necessary for mould to form is moisture and warmth. A tight house contains enough moisture for mould to develop. Few people realize the health problems arising from living in a tight house. A tight house will show its symptoms as condensation on windows and walls, combustion fumes coming out of the fireplace, stove, or furnace, or mould which reveals itself as black streaks around windows or on walls.

Cure for Condensation

Dry windows after Plusaire – very satisfied customer

Since the common thread among the problems is a tight house it naturally follows that if it is engineered to be less tight then the problems will disappear. It seems ironic that a house that has been made tight to save energy should now be loosened up, but that is exactly what is needed to maintain a healthy environment. Years ago houses were not built as tightly and these problems did not exist, occupants had to add moisture to a home to make it more comfortable.

The Plusaire was designed to correct the problems caused by a tight house. The system works in two ways. Firstly it is powered by the furnace fan and brings in the air when the furnace is in its heating mode. Secondly when the furnace is off Plusaire is in its passive mode and it brings in the air as the house is exhausting it through the various fans and chimneys. In both cases, the fresh air is tempered and delivered around the house by the ductwork. The whole house is now supplied with fresh air so that incomplete combustion and excessive moisture problems are eliminated.