Comparison to HRV

Plusaire Ventilator Vs. Heat Recovery Ventilator

Houses need different amounts of ventilation air at different times to maintain healthy air.  This balance is created by the amount of furnace use; exhaust fan operation and the varying amount of people in the home at any given time. It is not possible to balance a house running at a negative pressure using a system such as an HRV. To help understand the difference between a Plusaire and HRV we have compiled the following comparison.

Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV)


HRV exchanges warmth from indoor air then expels the remaining warm air with a built-in fan.

  • HRV costs about $300 per year in maintenance and hydro.
  • When the HRV is operating heated house air is exhausted to the outside.
  • HRV does not add the extra air needed for combustion.
  • HRV Does not add the extra air needed to feed the exhaust fans.
  • HRV does not correct negative air pressure.
  • HRV brings in a fixed amount of outside air regardless of the amount of air needed.
  • HRV internal filters need cleaning monthly.
  • Water condensates within the HRV and must be drained away.
  • HRV fan noise is irritating to some people.
  • HRV installed in a 2600 sq.ft. house costs around $3000.

 Plusaire Ventilator

House Ventilation System

Plusaire mixes warm indoor air with fresh outdoor air supplying your furnace and driven by your furnace fan. No electricity or ventilation to the outside is required.

  • Plusaire does not use any hydro (electricity).
  • Plusaire constantly, silently, and efficiently senses and corrects air requirements eliminating negative air pressure.
  • Plusaire self-adjusts adding combustion air to feed the fuel burning appliances as required.
  • Plusaire is a powered system when the house furnace is operating and a passive system at all other times.
  • Plusaire uses the house furnace fan to draw in outside air, the furnace to warm it, the furnace filter to clean it, and the ductwork to deliver it around the house.
  • Plusaire operating costs vary but are about 3% of the homes heating cost.
  • Plusaire is maintenance free and comes with a 10 year guarantee.
  • Plusaire does not exhaust any air outside, or collect or trap any water.
  • Plusaire installed in a 2600 sq.ft. home costs around $1100.