Class-Aire Portable Classroom Air Ventilator & Purifier

Keep your class safe from germs, mould, viruses, and odours.

Class-aire-InstalledClass-Aire is an air purifier and ventilation system that has been specially designed for large rooms such as portable classrooms. The air in these rooms deteriorates as the day progresses and has been found to contain excessive amounts of carbon dioxide, viruses, bacteria, and biological contaminants. Class-Aire draws in fresh air from outside, blends it with the heated classroom air, purifies it with ultraviolet light, and then returns it quietly into the classroom.

Maintain Oxygen Levels in your Classroom

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is created by the students and is a natural state of exhaling. As they breathe in oxygen, they breathe out CO2 lessening the amount of oxygen available. Without a continuous supply of fresh air, CO2 levels increase and students become drowsy. Class-Aire reduces CO2 to normal levels and maintains oxygen content by blending the classroom air with fresh outdoor air.

Cold-and-FluKill Mould, Viruses, and Bacteria

Mould requires water, warmth, and air to grow. Mould gives off spores called mycotoxins. These mycotoxins become airborne and are carried around the room by the air currents, and are inhaled by the students. Viruses and bacteria are brought into the room by the students and are inhaled by everyone. Class-Aire’s ultravoilet light purifier will continuously treat both the classroom air and the fresh air dramatically reducing viruses, bacteria, mould spores, pollens, yeasts, and most chemical and biological odours.

Easy Installation and Minimal Maintenance

Class-Aire is hard-wired into the 120-volt power supply. There is a low profile on/off switch located on the front panel. Airflow balancing adjustments are made at the time of installation and no further adjustments are ever required. Maintenance is required only once per year to clean the fans blades and supply grille, and once every three years to change the ultraviolet bulb.

One- Year Warranty

Class-Aire warranty is one-year parts and labour (except for the ultraviolet bulb which needs to be replaced every three years.)