Asthma & Your Home’s Air

child.asthmaToday’s homes are being built or renovated to higher standards than ever before. Factory windows and doors, siding and insulation, are just a few of the improvements that are now available to the modern builder and renovator. Using these quality products has created very tight structures resulting in poor indoor air quality because the air is held captive by the structure, and the occupants breathe the same air which gradually gets staler and staler.

A new home will also smell new for up to two years. This indoor air contains pollutants and moisture from the construction materials, clothes washing, showering and cooking generated by everyday living. This moisture forms into condensation seen on windows and walls. The condensation will be a breeding ground for moulds which produce airborne toxins called mycotoxins. These mycotoxins cause flu-like symptoms, memory loss, and breathing difficulties such as asthma. Mould is never good and is especially harmful to the young and elderly.


The Plusaire system will continuously replace the air with warmed fresh air. Plusaire is maintenance free and needs no electricity to operate.